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Black Friday


Black Friday. It's a day where marketers are vying for our attention. The promise of life-changing deals on everything, from clothing to new technology, bombard us from all directions. Companies are desperate for us to spend money on their products. It is out of control. In any case, the good news of Black Friday is that Christmas is not far away. As followers of Jesus, o...

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A Question for Christmas: The True (almost) Tale of Amanda Snidefeller

A Short story for children (and adults!) that was written by Pastor Jeff Brewer about Amanda Snidefeller, the little girl who was positively fed up with Christmas. It was shared on Christmas Eve at Hope Fellowship....

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Behold Your King Sermon Series

At Hope Fellowship we have been looking at the incarnation through the lens of how Christ is our King. It has been a joy to worship together celebrating advent for the first time as a new church. The links to the audio for the four week series are now online. ...

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Joseph: No Understudy Needed?

Joseph often gets forgotten in the Christmas story. Russell Moore writes, "I played a cow in my first grade Christmas pageant, and I had more lines than the kid who played Joseph. He was a prop, or so it seemed for Mary, the plastic doll in the manger, and the rest of us, we were all just following the script. There's rarely much room in the inn of the contemporary Chri...

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