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What Angers Jesus?


When was the last time you considered what makes Jesus angry? We often dwell upon His love, and rightly so, but not as frequently upon His anger. As a foundational principle, we must first acknowledge that Jesus' anger is always fully righteous and justified, and never tainted with sin. That makes it different than the typical human anger that we all know too well. Jesus ...

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Water Into Wine


When you know Jesus, all things are possible. Mary: "They've run out of wine."Jesus: "Woman, my hour has not yet come."Mary (to the servants): "Do whatever he tells you." Join us this Sunday as Pastor Jared preaches this familiar text (John 2:1-12) about Jesus' first recorded miracle in John's gospel. The story may be familiar, but I am confident that the Lord will revea...

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Jumping back into John's Gospel


This Sunday we will be picking up our series through the Gospel of John that started during the Advent season. We'll be continuing from where we ended on Christmas Day, in John chapter 1. You may be wondering, why are we going back to John's Gospel immediately after Easter? It's because we want to encounter Jesus in a fresh way, to see how he lived and what he taught, up c...

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Holy Week


This weekend marks the pinnacle of the Christian calendar. It is when we celebrate the most monumental events in human history. Today, on "Good Friday," we remember the Son of God who died in our place. The events of Good Friday assure us of God's unfathomable love for us. On Easter Sunday, we will celebrate Jesus' glorious resurrection from the dead. This day assures us o...

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Overcoming the Fear of Failure


Failure. It's a word no one wants to be called. Since this is true, we make every effort to avoid the label. Perhaps you often feel like a failure as you go about your day. Or, conversely, perhaps you cannot identify with those who struggle in this way. Surprise! You likely struggle with this fear more than you know. Let's take a minute to identify the symptoms, origins, a...

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