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"For God so loved the world..."


You know the verse. It's the most famous in the Bible. It's been memorized in Sunday school and plastered on posters at sporting events. John 3:16. There's good reason for the attention it has received. In it, we see the gospel explained. However, somehow we can naively believe that we "get" the gospel, and we are ready to move on. Don't be deceived. The beauty of the gos...

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"He Must Increase, but I Must Decrease"


We naturally want to be on the winning side. To be the ones who are noticed for our achievements. Rarely does someone dream about being second chair in the orchestra, or the back-up quarterback, or the understudy for a lead role. That is where our natural thinking must change. If you want to follow Jesus, it means diving to the bottom. It means humbling yourself: giving u...

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Born Again


What does it mean to be "born again?" Your answer will vary based on your station in life. For some (normally unbelievers), born again is a derogatory term referring to an extreme, conservative Christian. For others, this term is used as a litmus test to distinguish a legit, Bible-believing follower of Jesus from the pretenders. Regardless of your use of the term, we can...

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