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Do you ever wonder why people don’t believe in Jesus?

It doesn’t seem rational when you consider the facts. The Bible presents the world as one covered in darkness. This external darkness is mirrored by the internal darkness of our own hearts, which means we do not naturally see and perceive these realities. Cue Jesus. The Bible presents Jesus as the Light of the world, the One whom the Father sent to die in order to rescue us out of darkness. What’s more, when we believe in Jesus, he makes us children of light, ushering us into His kingdom of Light. It’s the greatest rescue of all time. In fact, it’s the greatest event the universe has ever known.

And yet, there are people who know the facts of this message and they have heard about Jesus’ teaching and miracles, but they still don’t believe. How can that be?

Join us on Sunday as we explore this question, along with others, from John 12:27-50. Take a few minutes to read the passage before Sunday- there’s a lot in there.

In the meantime, if you know and love Jesus, rejoice today that God has included you in His rescue plan. And would you pray today for one person who does not yet believe, asking God to bring him or her into His marvelous light?

In Christ,

Pastor Eric


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