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Life After Jesus Leaves


If you’ve ever wondered what happened to Jesus’ disciples after the book of Acts, it’s a pretty wild picture. This is according to church historians (so, not inspired Scripture), but from what we know: Thomas was stabbed to death with a spear in India, Andrew was crucified on an x-shaped cross. Jude was beaten to death. James was beheaded by Herod, Bartholomew was either flayed to death or crucified. Paul was beheaded. Peter was also crucified, but insisted on being crucified upside down since he didn’t consider himself worthy of the same death as Jesus. If these stories are accurate, all of these men were martyred for following Jesus.

Incredibly,  this is the same group of men who all run away from Jesus when the mob comes to arrest him, and are too scared to even be associated with him during his trial. 

How do you make sense of such a dramatic change from cowardice to courage? Jesus is going to tell us in our passage this Sunday. Jesus promises to send them reinforcements after he leaves, God the Holy Spirit is coming to empower these men. But the Holy Spirit didn’t limit His help to apostles. The same Helper who emboldened those disciples has come to empower you as well when you face opposition from the world. Take a few moments to read our passage for this Sunday, John 15:18-16:15, and ask the Lord to prepare your heart to hear from His Word. 

See you on Sunday!

Pastor Jared


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