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As the turkey settles in your stomach, don’t let thankfulness slip away from your mind. God commands us to be a thankful people; in fact, it’s His will for us (1 Thess. 5:18). When we take time to thank the Lord, He transforms us, and He shifts our perspective to where it needs to be. 

What am I thankful for, on this day after Thanksgiving? Too many things to list, but one is Jesus’ longest recorded prayer in the Bible. This can be found in John 17, and it’s often called the “High Priestly” prayer. There Jesus’ heart is revealed. There we have an example of what praying in Jesus’ name really means. There we can learn what He wants from us by examining what He prays for us.

I am thankful that our Savior loves us enough to teach us through this majestic prayer. Join us on Sunday morning as He does just that. 

With gratitude,

Pastor Eric


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