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Why Should You Believe in Jesus?


The unbelieving world could not be more wrong about Jesus. The prevailing narrative says that it’s narrow and old fashioned to follow Him. Or, that it’s all about following rules, what you’re against, and what you cannot do. What is the truth? The truth is that following Jesus is the most exciting life imaginable. It is a life that enables you to live as you were intended, according to your Maker’s design. 

In Sunday’s preaching passage, John 14:1-14, Jesus explains some of the benefits and privileges that come with following Him. It’s a vision of life that we’re all looking for but few of us attain. Lasting Peace. Unshakeable Security. Unwavering Acceptance. A life filled with purpose and meaning.

Come on Sunday and be reminded why Jesus is the most compelling figure in history, and why He alone is worth giving up everything to follow.

In Christ,

Pastor Eric


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