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Born Again


What does it mean to be “born again?” 

Your answer will vary based on your station in life. For some (normally unbelievers), born again is a derogatory term referring to an extreme, conservative Christian. For others, this term is used as a litmus test to distinguish a legit, Bible-believing follower of Jesus from the pretenders. 

Regardless of your use of the term, we can all agree that “born again” originates from this Sunday’s preaching passage in John 3:1-15. There we find a Pharisee who is curious about Jesus of Nazareth. This religious leader knows that Jesus came from God, but he doesn’t yet understand the path to eternal life. Jesus says that unless one is “born again” he (or she) cannot see the kingdom God. The teacher of Israel is perplexed and confused, and so are countless people today. 

Come on Sunday as Jesus gives instruction on this eternally important topic. Be prepared to be humbled, awed, and ultimately, transformed by the life-giving words of Jesus.

See you soon,

Pastor Eric


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