Mission Groups

Our mission groups are a critical component of our life together as a church and a central means through which we live out our mission statement. Mission groups are where we encourage, exhort, and model to each other what it means to “live with a mission” as we walk through life. We want Hope Fellowship to be known as a church that loves Christ and his people, worships God faithfully and enthusiastically, and proclaims the good news of salvation and redemption relentlessly.

Our purpose in meeting as mission groups is twofold: to build strong disciples of Christ through mutual encouragement, and to stimulate such Christian love between our members that the world will notice and God would be glorified. As we meet together, our groups exhibit four primary behaviors:

  • Study and application of God’s Word
  • Mutual care and fellowship
  • Prayer
  • Outreach

Our mission groups are a primary demonstration of how church "happens" at Hope Fellowship. We are convinced that people grow in their knowledge and understanding of Christ, become committed disciples, and proclaimers of the gospel as they see these things modeled and lived out in their midst, alongside others who are striving to live these things out as well. Our group leaders are key components in helping shepherd people towards a more mature walk with Christ.

For more information on how to join a mission group, contact Pastor Jared at jcochrum@myhopefellowship.org.


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