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Black Friday


Black Friday. It’s a day where marketers are vying for our attention. The promise of life-changing deals on everything, from clothing to new technology, bombard us from all directions. Companies are desperate for us to spend money on their products. It is out of control.

In any case, the good news of Black Friday is that Christmas is not far away. As followers of Jesus, our hope is not based on getting the latest gadget or upon making Christmas “magical” for our children. Instead, our rock solid hope is in the baby that was born in a Jerusalem stable over 2,000 years ago.

This Sunday marks the first of the Advent season. Advent means “coming,” and each year during this season we celebrate the first coming of Jesus, as we also anticipate his second coming. We have entitled this year’s advent series “The Light of the World” because we will be spending the weeks leading up to Christmas in the first chapter of John’s gospel, exalting “the true light, which gives light to everyone” (John 1:9).

Join us on Sunday as Pastor Jared preaches on John 1:1-5, a truly majestic passage of Scripture. And on this Black Friday, take a moment to fight against the materialism of our age and read John 1. Dwell upon the One who came and dwelt among us.

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Eric


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