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Dealing with Sin


Church is an ideal place to learn God’s perspective on difficult issues. Few issues are more difficult to talk about than how to deal with sin in the church community. In our age of licentiousness and self-empowerment, calling out another’s “sin” is nearly unthinkable. Fellow Christian, let me remind you that we are called to follow God in this area (as in all other areas), not the prevailing wisdom of our culture. 

Sunday’s preaching passage comes from Matthew 18:15-20. Oftentimes it is called the “church discipline” passage. While it’s true that the end of the passage talks about church discipline, we’ll see that confronting sin in one another’s lives must start far earlier than when the church gets involved.

Why is this so important? Why can’t we let a little sin remain unchecked in the body of Christ? Because a little leaven leavens the whole lump (1 Cor. 5:6).  God’s glory and eternal life are at stake, not to mention the church’s witness to a watching world. 

Join us this Sunday as we talk about “Dealing With Sin” from Matthew 18:15-20. There are few topics more important in the life of the church. 

Blessings, Pastor Eric   


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