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Pretend Shepherding is Lethal


There are times in life when pretending is okay, and even encouraged. A costume party would be a good example. Or an actress performing in a play. The nature of both events assumes (and expects) that pretending is happening. 

However, pretending in life and death situations is not funny nor is it appropriate. If you were experiencing a medical emergency, you would not appreciate a pretend doctor coming to help. You get the point.

In Sunday’s passage, John 10:1-21, Jesus distinguishes himself from all the other pretend shepherds. He shows us what makes him the Good Shepherd, which is in sharp contrast from all others who had gone before. Oh, how we need this Good Shepherd. We also need to be able to identify the pretenders. 

Come on Sunday as we learn from Jesus about this distinction, and get ready to be comforted by the Shepherd of your soul.

Pastor Eric


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