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"For God so loved the world..."


You know the verse. It’s the most famous in the Bible. It’s been memorized in Sunday school and plastered on posters at sporting events. John 3:16. 

There’s good reason for the attention it has received. In it, we see the gospel explained. However, somehow we can naively believe that we “get” the gospel, and we are ready to move on. Don’t be deceived. The beauty of the gospel is such that a child can understand it, but also such that long-time Christians can spend a lifetime thinking about it without plumbing its full depths. In short, we constantly need to wash ourselves in the gospel. 

Come on Sunday as Aaron Camp preaches on John 3:15-21. We may be familiar with John 3:16, but we may not have considered the context in which it was written. Be freshly amazed at the love of God as it has been revealed through the sending of His Son. 

See you soon,

Pastor Eric


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