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Do you ever wonder why people don't believe in Jesus? It doesn't seem rational when you consider the facts. The Bible presents the world as one covered in darkness. This external darkness is mirrored by the internal darkness of our own hearts, which means we do not naturally see and perceive these realities. Cue Jesus. The Bible presents Jesus as the Light of the world, t...

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Competing Glory


The world tells us that our best life is "now." Therefore, we are told, we must seize the day. Tick off those items from our bucket list. Stand out. Promote yourself. Fulfill your destiny. Every day we are bombarded with a form of the message that says, "Today is all you've got, so love life and make the most of it." Enter Jesus. His way is different, and His message is o...

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Finding Resurrection Power in a Broken World


It's easy to question God when life goes sideways. You know this to be true if you've ever experienced the untimely death of someone you love. Amidst the crushing weight of grief and sorrow, you instinctively ask "Why now, Lord?" and wonder what He is doing. From your limited vantage point, you don't understand, and life doesn't seem to make sense. In such moments, we mus...

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Finding Lost Sheep


Have you ever wondered why some people hate Jesus? Why they are so offended by Him? Jesus offers insight in Sunday's preaching passage. In John 10:26, he says to the hostile religious leaders, "You do not believe because you are not among my sheep." Unbelievers are described in scripture as those whose minds have been blinded by the god of this world (2 Cor. 4:11). Elsewh...

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