We want our corporate worship in song to be marked by joy, delight, and theological depth. It is our desire to draw from a variety of influences and sources as we sing songs that are both old and new. We want our songs to be theologically true, culturally relevant, and able to be sung in a congregation. 

The following Spotify playlists help our church listen and learn the songs we sing together as a church:

Hope Worship Music — Songs we sing frequently

What is worship?

In Romans 12:1, Paul tells the Roman Christians that their whole bodies are to be offered up in worship as a living sacrifice. The New Testament rarely uses "worship" language in reference to the actual gathered community, but instead calls out the active moral and spiritual obedience of born again Christians. That said, this does not mean that worship as we gather together is not also worship, for it surely is—and the Old Testament encourages us to view it that way. But it does mean that we are to view our Sunday worship gatherings as the beginning—not the end—of our life as a worshipping community. We come together to worship so that we might continue in worship.

At Hope Fellowship, we gather together in our worship services to listen to God’s Word, to praise him, and to pray.  We gather around God and his Word, declare that Word in a way that is understandable to outsiders, respond to that Word with praise, and then go out to live that Word, in the power of the Spirit through the rest of the week. We seek to do this in a manner characterized by reverence, awe, exuberance, and joy of our common experience with God.


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