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A Mysterious Dream


When was the last time you were awakened by a troubling dream? It’s not a good feeling. If you think that’s bad, now imagine being a ruler during a time where dreams give insight into your reign. In that scenario, troubling dreams become even more troublesome.

That’s where Nebuchadnezzar finds himself as we pick up the story in Daniel chapter 2. The most powerful man on the planet cannot find rest. He searches in vain for help; that is, until God intervenes through Daniel. 

Daniel 2 gives us a window into the great God that we serve. There is none like Him. He is the fount of all wisdom and the revealer of the world’s mysteries. That means He knows your future and He can be trusted today…no matter what you are facing. 

Take some time to read Daniel 2, and then come on Sunday as we explore this stark contrast between a Babylonian King and an exile from Judah. Through this comparison we will see who is really on the throne.

Pastor Eric


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