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A Summary of Malachi


Good summaries are invaluable. Sorry to every English teacher out there, but when I was in high school, book summaries called “Cliff’s Notes” (if you’re younger, think Spark Notes or Schmoop) helped me understand the meaning of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and other challenging texts. These summaries were priceless in helping me understand the author’s main idea. 

Here’s a quick quiz: can you summarize the main point of Malachi? If not, join us this Sunday, where in 3 short verses (Malachi 4:4-6) we’re given a Cliff’s Notes summary of Malachi’s prophecy. The themes of obedience to God’s Law, judgment, and mercy will reappear in brief form. Oh, and of course, this text points us to Jesus, who is the centerpiece of the biblical narrative. Join us Sunday at 10am at Glenbard East as we take a look back at Malachi, while also we look ahead to the end of God’s story. 

See you soon,

Pastor Eric


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