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Introduction to Malachi


Dear Hope Fellowship,

This week we are stepping into the Old Testament as we begin preaching through Malachi. I suspect that very few of us have heard a sermon series on this short prophetic book. It begs the question: why are we preaching through Malachi? Here are a few reasons:

  1. To maintain a balanced spiritual diet as a church, continuing an effort to preach through the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27; 2 Tim. 3:16-17).
  2. To show how Christ is prevalent throughout this prophetic book and, by implication, throughout the entire Old Testament (Luke 24:27, 44).
  3. It is relevant! 21st century Christians struggle with many of the same themes that are addressed in Malachi: complacent or half-hearted worship, doubting God’s love, questioning God’s justice, and the problem of divorce, among others.

Malachi was a prophet who likely ministered around the same time as Ezra and Nehemiah sometime around 450 B.C. God’s people had returned from their 70-year exile in Babylon, the temple had been rebuilt (though not to its former glory), and life was lackluster at best. Disappointments abounded. God didn’t seem to be fulfilling His promises. The spiritual leaders were cutting corners, and they were setting a poor example. God’s people were grumbling, complaining, and doubting God. Many had a lukewarm faith, not giving God their best. Within that reality, they were struggling with questions like:

Where is God’s Justice?

Why aren’t His promises being fulfilled?

Why are the wicked prospering?

Why is evil winning?

Similar questions that many of us struggle with today.

Join us on Sunday as I preach from Malachi 1:1-5. This text highlights God’s incredible love for us in a surprising way. If you get a chance, read the entire book before Sunday- it should only take you 5 minutes or so.

In Christ,

Pastor Eric


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