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What Angers Jesus?


When was the last time you considered what makes Jesus angry? We often dwell upon His love, and rightly so, but not as frequently upon His anger. 

As a foundational principle, we must first acknowledge that Jesus’ anger is always fully righteous and justified, and never tainted with sin. That makes it different than the typical human anger that we all know too well. Jesus never “vents” or “loses it,” nor is he quick-tempered or unfair. But He does get angry.

This Sunday in John’s gospel we’ll get a glimpse into Jesus’ heart as he clears out the marketplace that had formed within the temple in Jerusalem. Take a moment to (re)read the story before you come to church- John 2:12-25. Remember today that Jesus is not a pushover. He is not passive. He is not weak. No, the eternal Son of God is a vigorous defender of God’s glory and proper worship. May we encounter Him afresh this weekend, not as we imagine Him to be, but as He is presented in God’s unchanging, Holy Word. 

See you soon,

Pastor Eric


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