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Love and Betrayal


To love is to be vulnerable. When you love deeply, there’s always a risk of getting hurt. For some, this aversion to being hurt prevents them from being willing to give (or receive) love. Not Jesus. 

He loves us so lavishly, at a great cost to himself. He serves his enemies, even those who will reject and betray him. When he knew it was time to go to the cross and depart to the Father, his character was on full display. What did Jesus do when he knew that his time was short? He served. He loved those the Father had given to him to the end (John 13:1).

This is the character of our Savior. He is a servant of the highest order. And He calls those who would come after him to follow his example. 

Join us Sunday as we marvel at the Suffering Servant in John 13:1-20, and as we are challenged to follow in his footsteps.

In Christ,

Pastor Eric



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