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Spiritual Busywork


Busywork. Nobody likes busywork- those activities that take time but don’t connect to a greater purpose. Meaningless worksheets for students. Time wasting projects at work. Life-sucking chores at home. Busywork seems pointless. 

If you’re honest, I suspect there are times when your walk with the Lord can feel like busywork. At such times, your internal dialogue may generate questions such as: 

  • Does praying actually make a difference? 
  • What if I don’t read the Bible today?
  • Does engaging with the church really matter?
  • What difference does it all make?

The people in Malachi’s day were struggling with similar issues. They were wondering if serving God was really worth it. This faulty perspective is an inevitable result of losing sight of the big picture, of forgetting God’s grand narrative and your place within it. 

Join us Sunday as God speaks to us about this very issue from Malachi 3:13-4:3. Here’s a hint: serving God is always worth it. His plan for this world is far more encouraging (and terrifying) than you can imagine. 

In Christ

Pastor Eric


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