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When we typically talk about adoring someone (or something), it means we hold whatever it is in high esteem. We adore newborn babies. We adore our favorite pets. We adore our special friends and loved ones. However, the word "adore" means much more. According to Webster's Dictionary, to "adore" primarily means, "to worship or honor as a deity or as divine." That means that...

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What to Do about the Lord’s Prayer


"Our Father in heaven, hallowed by your name." What is your relationship to the Lord's prayer? If you've been in any Christian context throughout your life, you have almost certainly been exposed to it. Some of you recited this prayer each week, without much thought about the actual words. Others of you know the prayer, but it hasn't affected your life. Still others of yo...

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What Jesus Says about Prayer


If you are like many Christians, there's a good chance that talking about your personal prayer life fills you with guilt and/or shame. You have a sense that you "should" be praying more, butyou aren't. You wish you had more of a desire to pray, butyou don't. What is the way forward? A good place to start is Jesus' teaching on prayer from the Sermon on the Mount. This Sund...

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The Essential Nature of The Word and Prayer

Beige Modern Floral Home Decor Logo (19.72 x 11.11 in)

If we want to function as a Christ-centered community, we need His Word dwelling within us and we need to pray. These God-given means of grace help us worship Him, and God uses them to grow, sustain, and protect us, and to transform us into His likeness. So I ask you today: are you regularly using these means of the Bible and prayer in your personal walk with Jesus? Often...

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Our Firm Foundation


John Calvin once called the Psalms an anatomy of the soul. All aspects of our human experience are, in some way, mirrored in what we see in the psalms. Last week we heard how God's Word offers the only path to the great blessing of knowing God himself. This week, we'll be in Psalm 119:81-96, where we'll see God's Word play a different role in the psalmist's life as he gra...

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The Wondrous Word of God

2024_Hope_WondrousWordOfGod_SCREEN (1)

Have you ever started out a new year with the goal of reading, or memorizing, or studying God's Word in a more intentional way (Oh that my ways may be steadfast in keeping your statues!Ps 119:5), and then found it difficult to maintain your pace throughout the year? Life inevitably grows more full, or a long genealogy comes round in your plan again. That difficulty to stay...

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Rejoice: The Redeemer Has Come!

Neutral Watercolour Religious Christian Nativity Facebook Post (14.32 x 7.94 in)

As we are nearing Christmas, I hope your excitement is building. We get to celebrate the coming of our King! It is fitting for those of us who believe in Jesus to pull out all the stops for him. He is worthy of all the honor and attention that we will give Him this Christmas. That's because theOne who was born in Bethlehem thousands of years ago is the light of the world. ...

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The Life-Changing Reality of the Resurrection


How does Jesus' resurrection affect you each day? May it never become "normal" or routine information for those of us who follow Christ. Because the resurrection changes everything. It proves that there is hope beyond the grave, and it gives us incredible power to live as God intends. Without the resurrection, our faith is futile and we are people to be pitied (1 Cor. 15:1...

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Can I get a Witness?


In a court room, being a witness means testifying to what you know and what you have seen and experienced. In life, being a witness for Jesus is much the same. One main difference is that we don't need to wait until we're asked a question to witness about Jesus' work in our lives. Instead Jesus calls us to "go" and tell others the good news: "The King has come! There is ho...

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Competing Kingdoms

2023_Hope_Advent_SCREEN (2)

Dear Hope Fellowship, The Christmas season is upon us, which means the battle for our hearts has begun. The question is: whose kingdom is going to win- the world's or God's? Over the next month, the world will fight relentlessly to focus our attention upon the stuff we can give (and get!), and it will try to make us feel incomplete without these things. Conversely, God w...

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