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How you can pray for Hope Fellowship

How we can be praying for Hope Fellowship from 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

  1. Pray for the gospel to bear fruit. v.3
  2. Pray for the gospel to bring understanding. v.4 
  3. Pray that the gospel would be proclaimed with power, in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction.  v.5
  4. Pray for the gospel to be received with the joy of the Holy Spirit. v.6
  5. Pray for the gospel to spill out from us.  v.8
  6. Pray that unbelievers would turn from serving idols to serving God.  v.9
  7. Pray for both patience to wait for the return of Christ and boldness to proclaim Jesus, “who delivers us from the wrath to come.” v.10
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