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Gentleness and the Christian Life


Many of my books sit on the shelf only being referenced once every year or two, as need arises. There are other books like "Jonathan Edwards on the Christian Life," by Dane Ortlund that I come back to again and again. And there is one chapter in this book that I find exceptionally helpful to me personally as I seek to grow in my faith; his chapter on "Gentleness: The Aroma of the Christian Life."

Dane writes, "In this angry world, gentleness sticks out. Jonathan Edwards guides us into such a life" and then he leads the reader into understanding what Edwards meant by gentleness before helping us apply it practically to questions we might have as we read our Bibles and live our lives.

Crossway Books has given us permission to make this chapter available as a PDF download for two weeks. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and how God uses it in your life as you purse being a godly, gentle, Christian!

Click Here for the PDF of the chapter.


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