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About Fellowship

Fellowship is more than a cup of coffee after church. It is an expression of our unity with Christ and therefore our unity with each other.  In the early church, fellowship was more than affection and friendship for each other. It included actual and sacrificial acts of care, even to the extent of selling houses and providing for the needs of those among them.  Fellowship begins with our fellowship with Jesus, and is made manifest in the delight of mutual caring, shepherding and showing of Christian love – a unique sign of the truth of the Christian gospel. Fellowship is the risk of needing each other, and not being a ‘rock’ or an ‘island’ but part of an interdependent community. Fellowship is costly, and is expressed in personal, financial, and relational generosity.

At Hope Fellowship, our mission groups (small groups) become the most effective demonstration of these characteristics. In our mission groups we seek to care for each other and to build each other up by creating relationships marked by the facts that we are all sinners saved by grace, in process of maturing in our faith, and need to seek forgiveness from others when we fall into sin. In short, we want to have our relationships marked by humility, authenticity and joyful servanthood.

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