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Worries of the Future & The Sovereignty of God


Do you ever wonder what is happening in our present day? How should we make sense of the ideologies, the political instability, and the wars (and rumors of wars) that dominate our world? Daniel’s original audience was likely wondering similar things.  

During such times of difficulty, God often uses apocalyptic writing to communicate to His people throughout His Word. This type of literature contains symbolic visions of eternal, transcendent realities. It’s not a familiar style to most of us. Sunday’s preaching passage, Daniel 7, is one such example. 

I encourage you to read the chapter in full before Sunday…but with a warning. Likely there will be some portions that will seem bizarre and not easily understandable. However, if you persevere, you’ll notice that the big themes are quite clear: 

God is in control. Evil will not win. History is moving to a glorious end. And finally, one “like a son of man” will receive a kingdom that shall never be destroyed, sharing the spoils with God’s saints. 

Come on Sunday as we consider this glorious vision of the future that God gave to Daniel, and may we be increasingly moved to marvel at the majesty of our Lord. 

See you soon,

Pastor Eric


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