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The 70 Sevens


One of the many remarkable aspects of the second half of Daniel, and of biblical apocalyptic literature in general, is that it gives us a small picture of God’s perspective of the world. It’s almost like peeking through a peephole into another world. However, as strange as these images and events may seem, they are interpretations of what will happen here on earth. 

Sunday’s preaching passage, Daniel 9:20-27, is quite apocalyptic in nature. As Daniel prays, he is interrupted by the angel Gabriel, who ushers Daniel into a front row seat to watch the cosmic plan of salvation God has been enacting throughout all of history.

We often encourage you to take some time to read the preaching passage ahead of Sunday. The same is true this week…but be prepared! These verses will be more confusing than most. However, the Lord has some remarkable things to show us from this passage. Come with your Bibles open and imaginations ready to see God at work.

Pastor Jared


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