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The Kingdom of God

This Sunday we will be focusing on parables about the Kingdom of God from Mark 4:21-34.  Here is a great quote about the kingdom of God from John Frame.

The kingdom of God, long awaited, has come in Christ (Matt 3:2; 4:17; 12:28).  

The gospel is the gospel of the kingdom (Matt 4:23;9:35;10:7)

The Sermon the Mount teaches the ethic of the kingdom. (Matt 5:3, 10, 19, 20; 6:33)

The Lord’s Prayer is the prayer of the kingdom.  (Matt 6:10)

The parables present the mysteries of the kingdom (Matt 13:11)

The church has the keys of the kingdom (Matt 16:19; 18:18).  The Kingdom of God has come.  Christ the king has been raised to God’s right hand, where he has authority over all things (Matt 28:18).

(John Frame, The Doctrine of the Christian Life.  P&R publishers. P.278)

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