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The Future is in God’s Hands


It is difficult to find those who will always tell us the truth, even when it’s hard to do so. There are far more people who would rather not rock the boat, or who fear the relational consequences of communicating hard truths. There is Someone who can always be trusted to tell us the truth, and that One is God.

As the Babylonian exile was ending, God’s people were likely anticipating a glorious return to the promised land. They had visions of what life would bring in this new season. In a similar way, we often romanticize the future. We think, “Once [fill in the blank] happens, life will be better.” We tend to think that once we get past a difficult season, then life won’t be so hard. When our expectations aren’t met, we become disappointed and disillusioned.

In Daniel chapter 8, God graciously warns His people about what’s to come. Life back in the Promised Land won’t be easy. They will encounter much opposition. But through this warning, God is reminding His people that He controls history, and that nothing will happen outside of His providence.

Friend, God knows the future. That means He knows the details of what will happen to all nations and what will happen in your personal life. It’s all part of His plan, even the hard parts. Come on Sunday as we witness the breathtaking knowledge of God, and how He intends for us to live as we wait for Christ’s return. 

For His Glory,

Pastor Eric



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