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Praying to A Sovereign God


Do you ever wonder if prayer is “worth it”? Or, to put it another way, if God is in complete control of this world, why should you pray?

There is a philosophy of life that is captured by the phrase “Que Sera Sera,” which means “whatever will be, will be.” It represents a type of fatalism about the future; specifically, that the future is going to happen (no matter what), and we cannot do anything to change that reality. 

I doubt that many of us who call ourselves Christians would claim a “Que Sera Sera” philosophy of life, but I do suspect that some of us secretly wonder if prayer is necessary (or effective) in a world where the future is securely in God’s hands.

On Sunday, as we explore Daniel’s beautiful prayer in chapter 9, we’ll see that God’s purposeful sovereignty should actually fuel prayer, not hinder it. Take some time to read verses 1-19 before Sunday, and ask God to prepare your heart to hear His voice from His unchanging Word.In Christ,

Pastor Eric


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