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Life Together

This month we have been discussing fellowship in our weekly gathering together at College Church. 

Here is a great quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer about how the centrality of Christ should work its way out in how we speak:

“The death and life of the Christian is not determined by his own resources; rather he finds both only in the Word that comes to him from the outside, in God’s Word to him.  The Reformers expressed it this way:  Our righteousness is an ‘alien righteousness’ a righteousness that comes from outside of us (extra nos). They were saying that the Christian is dependent on the Word of God spoken to him.  He is pointed outward, to the Word that comes to him  The Christian  lives wholly by the truth of God’s Word in Jesus Christ.  If somebody ask him, where is your salvation, your righteousness?  He can never point to himself.  He points to the Word of God in Jesus Christ, which assures him salvation and righteousness.  He is as alert as possible to this Word.  Because he daily hungers and thirsts for righteousness, he daily desires the redeeming Word.  And it can come only from the outside.  In himself he is destitute and dead.  Help must come from the outside, and it has come and comes daily and anew in the Word of Jesus Christ, bringing redemption, righteousness, innocence and blessedness.


But God has put this Word into the mouth of men in order that it may be communicated to other men.  When one person is struck by the Word, he speaks it to others...therefore the Christian needs another Christian who speaks God’s Word to him.  He needs him again and again when he becomes uncertain and discouraged, for by himself he cannot help himself without belying the truth.Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together p.22,23 

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