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Why is it so challenging to pray, or at least to persevere in prayer? 

  • Perhaps it is because prayer feels unproductive in our efficient age. 
  • Perhaps it is because our minds are so easily distracted. 
  • Perhaps it is because we are unsure of its effectiveness- we secretly think “Is God really listening? Does He really care?” 
  • Perhaps we forget the intense spiritual battle that is launched whenever we endeavor to pray. 

With all these challenges swirling in the back of our minds, when we read the command from this Sunday’s passage, “Continue steadfastly in prayer” (Col. 4:2), it is likely that guilt and shame rise to the surface. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Today as you pray, wherever it is, remember what prayer is. You are approaching a person, not operating a “system.” It is not a chore to talk with your closest friend. Prayer is exciting because of who we are talking to- The King of the universe. He is our Creator. He is our Savior. He knows us better than our closest friend. He is full of grace. He understands our weaknesses better than we do, and He still loves us. He pursues us. He wants to hear from us, and He will respond to us. Our lives are changed when we come into His presence.

This week’s preaching passage is Colossians 4:2-6. I encourage you to read it and pray through its contents in advance of Sunday morning.I am praying for you.

Pastor Eric   


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