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It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only two days away. The anticipation is building. Presents are getting wrapped, and last-minute gifts are on their way (Please get them here soon, Amazon!). Holiday traditions are in full swing. As we hurry around, readying ourselves for the big day, have you stopped for a moment to consider your motivation for all this busyness? 

There are noble reasons for wanting to make Christmas special: you want children to experience the “magic” of Christmas; you want to serve your family and friends; you want to establish or continue family traditions; etc. But amid the hustle and bustle, do not forget the reason for the season. Remember that the Lamb of God has come, the One who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29). 

As you strive to “pull off” the holidays, remember who defines your identity- the One who said “It is finished.” In other words, it’s not your performance that matters, but His. This year as you open your gifts, don’t forget to give thanks for the greatest gift the world has ever known. God Almighty gave His only Son. The Word became flesh. The Light of the World came to earth. And He came as baby, lying in a manger. Jesus Christ was born.

This year, even if the holidays let you down, even if your expectations aren’t met, you have reason to rejoice because the Savior has come. He came to live, and to die, on your behalf. If you believe in Him, your sins are forgiven. That means your future is secure, and you have power for living today. I can’t think of a better reason to say “Merry Christmas!”

I hope to see you on Christmas morning as we celebrate Jesus together. We’ll finish our Advent series in John 1 as we cover verses 29-34. 

Rejoicing in the Son,

Pastor Eric   


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